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Blogathon 2007 - post 44

"Aurora, what Ariock told you is true. The worlds are colliding. The barrier is getting weak. Things are passing from one world to another. But that is not a bad thing. They are getting our technology and we will get their magic. We used to have magic in this world but we have been separated from other worlds for so long we kind of used it up. Many things you read in storybooks are true, they just come down as stories now because no one remembers that we had that magic. What would be wrong with getting some of that back?"

Aurora studied his face. "I'm not sure. But Ariock seemed to think it was important to close that door."

"Who are you going to believe....some guy that just popped into your home or your husband?"

"I don't know, you have been lying to be all day and who knows for how long," Aurora said pointedly.

"I was just trying to protect you. I knew you would be caught in the middle. But I was trying to shield you, hide you, so they could not find you," Damien said softly.

"Well, it did not work!" Aurora snapped.
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