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The Writing of Love
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Wednesday, March 3rd, 2010
2:15 pm
Elizabeth's Story
What happens when two generations of girls growing into women decide they have had enough of being used and learn to fight back . . . with magic.

Elizabeth Hadon ran into her bedroom and slammed the door. She threw herself down on her bed and buried her face in her pillow. Her held-in tears soon escaped and soaked the cotton of her pillow. She sobbed so hard that her head began to ache. When her tears finally abated, she slowly turned over onto her back and stared at the ceiling. "I have always just been a pretty and useful cow," she said to herself. "The only reason I am better than a cow is that I can wash dishes. No, I take that back; I have one other advantage. It is much easier to take a girl to bed than a cow!"

Elizabeth sighed and willed herself to calm down. She did not like the decisions being made about her life, but she was not the confused and helpless eight-year-old girl that she was when these deals were made. Immature temper tantrums would just make the situation worse. She tried to think logically; maybe she could find a loophole in the negotiations. She remembered . . .


"Elizabeth! Come down here, girl!" Petre Hadon called to his daughter. He smiled nervously at his visitors. This was, after all, the richest family in town. He was ashamed of his filthy house and he was afraid that the Barton men would not find his offering any more inviting than his home.

"She will be right down. I hope you find her appealing," Petre said, trying to sound more confident in his daughter than he felt.

2:14 pm
Between Shadows
A girl slowly learns that she has the ability to pass back and forth from our word to Fairy and needs to help bring our worlds back together to save them both.

"How can I forget a whole day? And how could I keep going without anyone who knows me not notice anything different about my behavior?" Aurora thought as she drifted off to sleep.

In her dream, she was laying on a soft lawn of grass under a dark night with a sky full of stars. She smelled honeysuckle in the air. A cool breeze brushed her cheek. She raised herself up on one elbow and looked around. A movement behind the trees caught her eye. Even though she was in a strange place in the dark, she was not scared.

A man in a black cloak stepped out into the starlight. He slowly lowered his hood. He looked like he was about 30 but his eyes were much older. He smiled down at Aurora and she immediately felt a wave of peace and safety.

The man walked confidently over to Aurora and sat down beside her. He stroked her hair and although she had never seen him before, it did not seem strange. When he spoke, his voice was low and melodic.

"Aurora, we need you. When you are ready, come to me. But don't take too long."

Aurora woke up confused and disoriented. Pale sunlight filtered through her dark curtains that were often pulled closed due to migraines. She closed her eyes again for a bit. "It must have been a dream," she thought to herself. But then she sensed something was wrong. She was lying on top of her covers with her clothes still on. There was grass on her hands, shoes, and one elbow. "Apparently I was somewhere, but where?? And who was that man? He seemed so familiar."

2:12 pm
First pages
I have presented the first two pages of two of my manuscripts to www.webook.com. I want to present them here too. If you like them, please comment and I need any donations I can get.

Saturday, November 1st, 2008
8:58 pm
NaNoWriMo idea - Please help
A very normal looking apartment in a very normal complex in a very normal city. But a far-from-normal little girl is staring out the window of her bedroom at that normal world. She did not know yet that she was special but she had always felt it in her bones that she was missing something very important that lurked just under the surface of all that normalacy. Her mother always told her to stop living in the clouds and deal with real life. Her friends thought she was a bit weird but wrote it off to all the fantasy books she read. But she knew it was real. What she did not know was it was watching her right back.

That is all I got so far. Ideas from the audience?
Sunday, January 20th, 2008
9:48 pm
Leave Your Problems Behind
Gabrielle was sooo mad! Everything had gone wrong today. She got caught talking during class and lost recess, took too long with her homework and did not get to play outside, and had to eat veggies with her dinner. She had argued with her parents on the way to bed so she did not get to have them cuddle her like usual. They just gave her a quick kiss and hug and said “we love you” and they left her alone to fall asleep.

The room seemed so large and empty and her bed was just not as comfortable as usual. She took the covers off and then put them back on. She moved her pillows up and then down. She could just not get comfortable! She grabbed her blankie and walked out to the living room hoping to get her parents to come help her fall asleep.

“No, sweetpea, go on back to bed. You need to find a way to put yourself to sleep. Something will come to you,” her mother said.

Gabrielle dragged back to her room and whined and felt sorry for herself. She lay back down in her bed. Even though the bed did not feel any more comfortable, it did seem to pull her down where she could not raise her head from the pillow. She closed her eyes, hoping she was getting sleepy, but all her thoughts and worries kept going through her mind.

However, when she opened her eyes, her room was gone. She was lying on a warm, soft cloud that was resting on a large deep green lawn. She looked all around and everything was beautiful. The sky was the perfect mixture of colors that it becomes as sunset; a color her father called “sky-blue-pink”. The grass smelled sweet and the cloud was made her feel safe and comfortable.

She looked up into the fading light of the sky and saw something getting bigger and coming towards her. After a moment, she recognized it as a very colorful hot air balloon. It landed next to her. It had a sign on it that said “Leave your problems here!”

She was confused at first but almost unbidden her problem with dinner came to mind. Brussel sprouts appeared in the bottom of the basket. She giggled. She tried it again. She thought about her homework and lots of textbooks appeared in the basket.

Gabrielle was not sure how this was happening or what it meant but it was fun. She put her school problems, simple problems with her parents, fighting sometimes with friends and all her other simple and harder problems into the basket. When she was completely out of ideas, she closed the basket door and that seemed to signal the balloon to take off.

Suddenly she was sleepy. She lay back down on the cloud and puffed up a part to be her pillow. Then she pulled up a part to wrap around her as a blanket. She watched the balloon float away into the darkening night sky. The sun was now completely down and the stars were out.

Once the balloon was completely out of sight, the cloud began to life up into the sky. Gabrielle was not scared but just sank deeper into the softness of her cloud-bed. She looked up at the stars. Her eyes were falling closed and she could not help but to finally allow herself to fall asleep.

If you think this was good enough to be worth a donation of any size, please donate whatever you wish.

Tuesday, November 6th, 2007
4:32 pm
I warned him. When our daughter was very young, I warned him. I had put up with the violence and the anger when it was just me but I did not want my daughter to grow up walking around on egg shells like I had to. So the first time it happened, I told him if it happened again, I would leave and take our daughter with him.
There were many fights but they were only verbal. But then, as I guess I knew it would, it happened. His yelling did not curb his anger one day. He punched the wall leaving a hole. Then he turned over a bookcase, broke a clock we got from our wedding, and broke our daughter’s small rocking chair. I packed a bag of clothes and prepared to leave.
My daughter and I spent the night at a hotel while I decided what to do. Luckily she was young enough that I did not have to explain much.
We had David insured highly since he was the main source of income while I was only working part time. I just wanted to be free. Divorce would leave me with very little income or resources.
There was something to the thought of doing it myself -- with my bare hands. The crimes had been personal so the punishment should be personal. But that also means the increased risk of being caught in the act.
I could do it on the street or lure him somewhere but since an ex would be the first suspect, I needed to make sure I had a clear alibi and no witnesses or unexpected problems occur while I was with him.
I could get someone else to do it but there was the problem of money, someone else who knew who would be a weak link, and having to trust someone else. After what he did to me, I did not trust easily, let alone on something this big.
How would you commit the perfect crime? Do you watch Criminal Minds or CSI? Do you think you could fool the police? How would you do it?
There was a wrath of homicides in Oklahoma City in the summer of 2007 that the police could not solve. Were they connected or were there now many suspects in the city, each of whom were able to pull off the “perfect crime?”
It was a warm mid-May afternoon. Children were looking forward to the end of school. Homemakers were out wedding the gardens they had started in the spring after the danger of the last frost. Pools and parks all over the city were preparing to open for the long Memorial Day weekend.
Julie Edwards was walking to her dorm room from Chemistry class on the campus of the University of Central Oklahoma. She had an hour off before her next class and she should be doing last minute studying for her test in American Literature. But after the long Oklahoma spring with its many storms, the clear blue sky and temperate temperature were tempting her away from her books.
She decided to compromise and found a clear spot on the grass, spread out her jacket onto the ground, and sat down under a tree with her books. She leaned back onto her elbows and stretched her legs out in front of her. She pulled out her American Lit textbook but did not open it. She just looked up at the fluffy white clouds in the sky and daydreamed.
Suddenly, there was a shadow over the sun. She looked up and there was a tall figure off to her side. Since she was looking up at him with the bright sun at his back, she could not see the man’s face.
“Excuse me, Miss. Could you help me?” said a warm, male voice.
Julie shaded her eyes with her hand, straining to see the man’s face but could not get a good angle. “What do you need, Sir?”
“I’m kind of lost. I am trying to find the registrar’s office. I need to get there in a hurry. My daughter is supposed turn in some papers today and if they are not turned in today, she loses her scholarship. Could you show me the way, please?” the voice pleaded.
“Oh, sure,” said Julie. “Just take this path and then take a left after the science building, then a right before the music department and it is the second building on your left.”
“I am really easily confused and this campus is so confusing and I am on a deadline. Is there any way you could walk me over there?” the man asked.
Julie thought for a moment. Even as a legal adult, the old admondishments about not going anywhere with a stranger held strong. “But it is broad daylight on a crowded college campus and he seems nice enough. And my class is in that area as well,” she thought to herself.
“Of course,” she replied. The man extended his hand to help her up and his hand was strong and warm. She grabbed her backpack and her coat and started down the path with him. He stayed at her side, matching his steps with hers, so that the sun still blocked her view of him. “He can’t be doing that on purpose,” she thought. She shook off her ill feeling about this man.
As they moved across the campus, her feeling of unease increased. “What is wrong with me?” She looked back up at him and now the fact that she could not see his face seemed more sinister than coondince.
Suddenly the man stopped. Julie turned to see what made him stop. He was looking down the small alleyway between two buildings. Without really thinking about it, she took a few steps back to see what he was looking at. As soon as she got close, the man suddenly grabbed her and pulled her in between the buildings
Tuesday, July 31st, 2007
6:40 pm
Blogathon Wrap Up
I put all my fiction entries in order in a word document and it turned out to be 12 pages long and almost 5000 words. That doesn't count any non-content posts.

Current Mood: satisfied
Sunday, July 29th, 2007
8:00 am
Blogathon 2007 - post 49 (not story)
Well, I did it for the second year! I raised $205 for NAMI and there are still about 50 some odd hours in which you can pledge. And remember, you don't pay now. If you need to wait until a pay day, that is fine. This is just the promise.

Thank you to my sponsors: abelincoln42, silent_temp, collectonian, non LJ user planetmike, my mom, and my grandparents.

Thank you to those you helped me stay awake: thedarkspirit, shazonizgatian, collectonian, abelincoln42, deyaniera, irana, and the great people who were in the BlogExplosion radio station and chat room several of them who have become new friends. If I missed anyone who talked to me or commented, I apologize profusely and blame sleep deprivation. A special thank you to thedarkspirit who stayed on yahoo IM almost the whole time, gave me advice on the story when I got stuck, kept my spirits up, and provided some nice written erotica at a good time to wake up in the middle of the night!
7:30 am
Blogathon 2007 - post 48
All three of them landed in a soft heap as they rolled to a stop after the dive. Damien looked at his family and said "Are you two girls ok?"

"Yep!" said Gabrielle, who popped up and started looking around eagerily. "Where are we, Mommy?"

"I'm not sure, munchkin," Aurora said, trying to keep her own fear out of her voice. It seemed like things back there had taken a darker turn than there had been before. But without thinking, she reached down and touched the soft, dark green grass that she had seen before but she now knew was real.

Damien took both their hands, "sit down for a minute, sweetpea." He sat down on the grass and Gabrielle sat on his lap. "You know how Mommy has not been able to remember things sometimes?"

"Yes," said Gabrielle, looking at her mother curiously. Aurora looked at Damien with the same look. There was no connection to that in all this, she thought.

"Well, during those times Mommy can't remember, she, or at least her essense, came here. Her body stayed with us and did all the normal things but the part that made her, HER, came here. She was called to this place, first in spirit, now in body. As you are.....do you understand?"

Aurora and Gabrielle both said "No!"

Damien smiled, "You both in one way or another came from this place. You both have the blood of the magic people in you. You are part Fae. That means fairies, Gabby."

"I'm a fairy, daddy?" she stood up to spin around so her skirt spun out around her.

"Yes," he said to his daughter but looked at his wife. "You both are."
7:00 am
Blogathon 2007 - post 47 (not story)
Well, I took the donation choice on the marble prize. So I am at $205, or will be when he gets the email. I'm sure he is still busy too. I'm off for a quick shower before the last two posts so my hair will have time to dry.
6:30 am
Blogathon 2007 - post 46 (not story)
The sun is coming up here. Why do sunrises always seem less colorful and weaker than sunsets? I just went outside and it is so quiet outside. There are a few birds making noise but not much. In here I still have the BlogExplosion radio going, the blogathon chat, two IM friends, my husband who is nodding off trying to catch up on the story ;) (love ya, shazonizgatian), and many web pages to surf. One and a half hours left. 3 more posts. Almost done.

But you can still sponsor me!


Last year I blogged for the Lupus Foundation but this year I am blogging for the National Alliance for Mental Illness. I have a mental illness myself as do many people on my friend's list here and in real life. Please help the NAMI find ways to help these misunderstood and untreated diseases.

I am currently at $105. Please help me get to $150.

Sponsor Me Here
6:00 am
Blogathon 2007 - post 45
I won the marble contest!!!! So an IPod shuffle or $100 for NAMI?

"OK," Aurora said. "Well, they have found me. I am not sure why it is so important why I am involved but apparently there are two sides who want me involved in one way or another, even if one of those ways is to not be involved. I'm going to get Gabrielle in case anybody tries to get her INVOLVED."

"Oh, they would not touch her," Damien said quickly. "My side at least knows better."

"I would hope so. But until I know everything for myself, I want her with us."

Aurora headed for the front door. As soon as she stepped onto the porch she saw two men, one at each end of the street with Gabrielle and her friends playing in between. One, coming from the east, was Ariock. The other, coming from the west, was an unknown man. She glanced up at Damien who seemed to know the man though.

"What the hell is going on, Damien?"

"I don't know. Let's get Gabrielle."

"Gabrielle, come here please," Aurora called as she hurried across the lawn with Damien at her heels.

"But, Mommy, I just got outside," Gabrielle whined.

"Gabrielle, we have to go," Damien said, his voice cracking.

The two men seemed to realize that something was going to get away from them and they each quickened their steps but did not run. They seemed to be trying to keep up the appearance that everything is ok.

"Come on, honey," said Aurora.

Suddenly, the bushes on the neighbor's lawn got kind of blurry. It was like the air in front of them started to spin. Aurora could see a stretch of that grass she kept seeing through the wormhole.

Looking right and left, she realized that she could not get Gabrielle back to the house before the men got to them. She looked at Damien and he nodded. He grabbed up Gabrielle and the three of them dived into the wormhole that closed behind them, leaving the two men behind in their old world.
5:30 am
Blogathon 2007 - post 44
"Aurora, what Ariock told you is true. The worlds are colliding. The barrier is getting weak. Things are passing from one world to another. But that is not a bad thing. They are getting our technology and we will get their magic. We used to have magic in this world but we have been separated from other worlds for so long we kind of used it up. Many things you read in storybooks are true, they just come down as stories now because no one remembers that we had that magic. What would be wrong with getting some of that back?"

Aurora studied his face. "I'm not sure. But Ariock seemed to think it was important to close that door."

"Who are you going to believe....some guy that just popped into your home or your husband?"

"I don't know, you have been lying to be all day and who knows for how long," Aurora said pointedly.

"I was just trying to protect you. I knew you would be caught in the middle. But I was trying to shield you, hide you, so they could not find you," Damien said softly.

"Well, it did not work!" Aurora snapped.
5:00 am
Blogathon 2007 - post 43
Damien led Aurora to the couch gently by the hand. She looked at him curiously.

"Aurora, this thing is more complicated than you know."

"I don't know WHAT is going on, Damien. Please explain it to me."

"There are two sides to this story," said Damien seriously.

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4:30 am
Blogathon 2007 - post 42
Damien looked nervous and then quickly hid his emotions. "No one, hun. See no one is here. I was talking to myself. Just kind of trying to work things out by talking about them."

"Talking about me?"

"Yes, I am worried about you, Aurora. With the hallucinations starting back up and everything."

"No, you are not worried about ME but you are worried about SOMETHING. You are worried I will find out something. You have something to do with all the things going on. Something to do with the worlds and their barriers."

Damien opened his mouth to try to deny it but he had never been a good lier so he bowed his head and said quietly, "come sit down."
4:00 am
Blogathon 2007 - post 41
Content try and fail number 3
3:30 am
Blogathon 2007 - post 40
The DJ at the Blogathon radio took requests for the most horrible song and is playing Cotton Eye'd Joe right now. I can't possible write a serious confrontation scene with this!
3:00 am
Blogathon 2007 - post 39
Only 10 more entries.
OK, it is actually 3:05 and I've got nothing. I'll start working on 3:30.
2:41 am
Hard to blog with a cat!
I know it is dark, but hopefully still cute.

2:30 am
Blogathon 2007 - post 38

Damien turned around and as he did Aurora could see there is no one behind him. "Who were you talking to?"

Sorry for the short post. It was snack time. Plus I got my tarot read by majkazmaj. Check it out on my regular journal aurora_lamour.
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