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Blogathon 2007 - post 46 (not story)

The sun is coming up here. Why do sunrises always seem less colorful and weaker than sunsets? I just went outside and it is so quiet outside. There are a few birds making noise but not much. In here I still have the BlogExplosion radio going, the blogathon chat, two IM friends, my husband who is nodding off trying to catch up on the story ;) (love ya, shazonizgatian), and many web pages to surf. One and a half hours left. 3 more posts. Almost done.

But you can still sponsor me!


Last year I blogged for the Lupus Foundation but this year I am blogging for the National Alliance for Mental Illness. I have a mental illness myself as do many people on my friend's list here and in real life. Please help the NAMI find ways to help these misunderstood and untreated diseases.

I am currently at $105. Please help me get to $150.

Sponsor Me Here
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