aurora_lamour (aurora_lamour) wrote in ecrite_lamour,

Blogathon 2007 - post 48

All three of them landed in a soft heap as they rolled to a stop after the dive. Damien looked at his family and said "Are you two girls ok?"

"Yep!" said Gabrielle, who popped up and started looking around eagerily. "Where are we, Mommy?"

"I'm not sure, munchkin," Aurora said, trying to keep her own fear out of her voice. It seemed like things back there had taken a darker turn than there had been before. But without thinking, she reached down and touched the soft, dark green grass that she had seen before but she now knew was real.

Damien took both their hands, "sit down for a minute, sweetpea." He sat down on the grass and Gabrielle sat on his lap. "You know how Mommy has not been able to remember things sometimes?"

"Yes," said Gabrielle, looking at her mother curiously. Aurora looked at Damien with the same look. There was no connection to that in all this, she thought.

"Well, during those times Mommy can't remember, she, or at least her essense, came here. Her body stayed with us and did all the normal things but the part that made her, HER, came here. She was called to this place, first in spirit, now in body. As you you understand?"

Aurora and Gabrielle both said "No!"

Damien smiled, "You both in one way or another came from this place. You both have the blood of the magic people in you. You are part Fae. That means fairies, Gabby."

"I'm a fairy, daddy?" she stood up to spin around so her skirt spun out around her.

"Yes," he said to his daughter but looked at his wife. "You both are."
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