aurora_lamour (aurora_lamour) wrote in ecrite_lamour,

Blogathon 2007 - post 49 (not story)

Well, I did it for the second year! I raised $205 for NAMI and there are still about 50 some odd hours in which you can pledge. And remember, you don't pay now. If you need to wait until a pay day, that is fine. This is just the promise.

Thank you to my sponsors: abelincoln42, silent_temp, collectonian, non LJ user planetmike, my mom, and my grandparents.

Thank you to those you helped me stay awake: thedarkspirit, shazonizgatian, collectonian, abelincoln42, deyaniera, irana, and the great people who were in the BlogExplosion radio station and chat room several of them who have become new friends. If I missed anyone who talked to me or commented, I apologize profusely and blame sleep deprivation. A special thank you to thedarkspirit who stayed on yahoo IM almost the whole time, gave me advice on the story when I got stuck, kept my spirits up, and provided some nice written erotica at a good time to wake up in the middle of the night!
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