aurora_lamour (aurora_lamour) wrote in ecrite_lamour,

Between Shadows

A girl slowly learns that she has the ability to pass back and forth from our word to Fairy and needs to help bring our worlds back together to save them both.

"How can I forget a whole day? And how could I keep going without anyone who knows me not notice anything different about my behavior?" Aurora thought as she drifted off to sleep.

In her dream, she was laying on a soft lawn of grass under a dark night with a sky full of stars. She smelled honeysuckle in the air. A cool breeze brushed her cheek. She raised herself up on one elbow and looked around. A movement behind the trees caught her eye. Even though she was in a strange place in the dark, she was not scared.

A man in a black cloak stepped out into the starlight. He slowly lowered his hood. He looked like he was about 30 but his eyes were much older. He smiled down at Aurora and she immediately felt a wave of peace and safety.

The man walked confidently over to Aurora and sat down beside her. He stroked her hair and although she had never seen him before, it did not seem strange. When he spoke, his voice was low and melodic.

"Aurora, we need you. When you are ready, come to me. But don't take too long."

Aurora woke up confused and disoriented. Pale sunlight filtered through her dark curtains that were often pulled closed due to migraines. She closed her eyes again for a bit. "It must have been a dream," she thought to herself. But then she sensed something was wrong. She was lying on top of her covers with her clothes still on. There was grass on her hands, shoes, and one elbow. "Apparently I was somewhere, but where?? And who was that man? He seemed so familiar."

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